Progressive web apps(PWA) helps users and developers from their point of view. Users don't want to install too many apps on their mobile. but they want to use all apps and their features. Developers had trouble and they take too much time to develop a single app for any device and platform. In this case, Google introduces PWA (Progressive web apps).


Market analysis is to make a strategy for taking a decision, like investment, entering markets, and leaving markets. It is the main Aim to focus on the structure of an industry, sub-industry, sector and more. Market analysis basic means is to check the market Growth rate, size, profitability, trends, and competitive environment.


Google introduce tactis to optimize website, When you are trying to build highly attractive web design, That you have to measure,optimize, and monitor your web pages deeply. These task helps to improve your web page load speed and avoid exit page by users.


Document Management System (DMS), The main use of DMS is saving paper and manage whole data in web server, cloud, and more. nowadays technology is growing day by day so everyone wants to store data virtually because it's secure and access any time, The DMS Softwares helps to manage, track history of changes, and create dynamically reports. DMS helps to save hard work and extra time-wasting activity.

What is Cloud Computing and why people choose it nowadays?

Cloud computing is providing services like servers, storage, databases, networking, software, analytics, intelligence and more. Cloud Computing allows speedily innovation, flexible support, and economics of scale. You have to pay only for cloud services what you use. It reduces your operating costs, runs your foundation more efficiently and scales as your business needs change.