What is web application?

In 21st Century many computer software and web application usage is growing day by day, So IT Professional need to build Highly responsive web application and easy to use for users. In these terms parvati And Sons are the best web application services providers in Uttarakhand.

A web application runs on a web server. unlike desktop software, which has to install first, then use. If we talk about usage and access to a web application. so we need an Operating system, internet connectivity and details of a web application. we can use web application at any time, and anywhere.

Types of Internet for using web applications

1. Local Internet Application
A website helps to build a brand name for a particular business. If you have a website you can explain your services in a better way and present your work experience with users. you can share work gallery, customer feedback, and more.
2. Internet Application
It's a public web application, uses Wide area network to share information as well as for business operations. It can be accessed from anywhere, anytime using internet protocols.
3. Extranet Application
It is also a private application over the internet. It can be accessed by fixed machines and uses by the particular organization to manage business privately.

Types of web applications

2. Web Portals
3. Enterprise applications
4. Social Networking
5. Email Service Application

1. Websites
Website usage only for sharing information about company, organization, and profile. They provide information globally over the internet.
2. Web Portals
Web portals are business gateways, they organize business operations like manage data and create report and all.
2. Enterprise applications
These web applications provide business operations and management services with free or paid charges.
2. Social Networking
Application A Social networking service is an online plateform for shareing knowladge, build community, and more.
2. Email Service Application
Online email service providers allow Users to send, recieve, and forword email to relatives and corporate for build relation and create business deal.

Software Technologies for Web Development

1 Web Browsers
#1) Microsoft Internet Explorer/Microsoft Edge
#2) Mozilla Firefox
#3) Google Chrome
#4) Opera
#5) Safari etc...

2 Web Protocols
#1) HTTP
#2) HTTPS Etc...

3 Web Page Design
#1) HTML
#3) CSS etc...

4 Programming
#1) JavaScript
#2) PHP
#3) Python
#4) Java
#5) .NET Etc...

4 Web Servers
#1) Microsoft IIS
#2) Apache Tomcat Etc...

4 Application Servers
#1) IBM WebSpeare
#2) Oracle WebLogic
#3) Jboss Etc...

1 Database Servers
#1) MS SQL Server
#2) Oracle
#3) MySQL Etc...

  • By Shain Ansari
  • 17-November-2018